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Search Engine Optimization

Organic” results in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refer to the results that appear in a search that are not advertisements. Organic SEO is a good choice for businesses who are not tied to a particular location.

Before we get started, let’s begin with some basic understanding of what SEO and SEM are.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not one thing, but many components that make up the sum total of your website’s search engine visibility. And it not just within your website, but outside it as well, like; social networking. That would be sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Pintrest, and even video blogging on YouTube. Just to name a few.

SEO is how relevant your website looks to search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For example, if your website sells digital cameras, obviously you want the content (the written words within your website) to be as relevant to digital cameras as it can be. But it’s how the content is written that’s also important, as well as your title tag, how easy it is to navigate through your website, how it looks in terms of color schemes, etc.

It sounds simple, but explaining how a car engine works may sound simple too, but diving under the hood without knowing how one part affects the other could result in a catastrophe. Ignoring your SEO, or doing the wrong thing is like pulling up to a race in a stock 1967 Chevy Nova, and your competitor has a multi million dollar souped-up dragster. It’s the same thing with your website’s SEO. So knowing how to do proper SEO is vitally important to your web visibility.

As well, there is proper SEO that must be done outside your website too, like back links. These are links to your website on other websites, and the more relevant those websites are to yours make it better for you. So, if your selling digital cameras, and there is another site, let’s say a blog about digital cameras, then it is more relevant than your web link bing on a blog about collectable dolls


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